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Sammy Gordon Unanimous Choice as FHBPA President, Again!

Sammy Gordon Unanimous Choice as FHBPA President, Again!   March 29, 2010   In its annual election, the FHBPA membership voted for 5 Board Members for its 15 person Board.  The 2010 election found owners Phil Combest and William Wright again being re-elected to another three year term.  Also elected to a three year term was owner Tom Cannell who will serve his first term on the FHBPA Board.  Trainers Rosemary Homeister and Harry Benson...
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The Prolixin Problem

The Prolixin Problem   February 15, 2010 By Kent H. Stirling, FHBPA Executive Director     Uniformity in medication rules still seems a long way off.   The RMTC made some great strides and then began to bog down in some areas.  Most notable was the promised development of thresholds for some forty plus commonly used therapeutic medications.  Although promised to horsemen for years, they were pushed to the back burner and down the RMTC...
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The Calder Herpes Quarantine

The Calder Herpes Quarantine   February 15, 2010 By Kent H. Stirling, FHBPA Executive Director     On November 27th, a filly at Calder began showing signs of illness and was immediately shipped to the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine where she was diagnosed with the Equine Herpes Virus, type 1 (EHV-1).   Immediately, precautionary measures were begun at three barns at Calder to insure the risk of the virus spread was minimized. ...
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Pure Thoughts and Horse Rescue

Pure Thoughts and Horse Rescue By Kent H. Stirling, FHBPA Executive Director   February 15, 2010   During the last year and a half, the FHBPA’s 501(c)(3), the Florida Horsemen’s Charitable Foundation, Inc, has donated well over $100,000 to horse rescue organizations.  Calder Race Course has also contributed a substantial amount, and even with all their financial woes Gulfstream Park has contributed.  The vast amount of these monies has gone to Pure Thoughts Inc’s Florida...
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The Calder Casino

The Calder Casino   February 1, 2010   Calder opened its beautiful new $85 million casino near the end of January, just before the Pro Bowl, which like the Super Bowl was played next door at Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Land Shark/Dolphin/Sun Life Stadium.  This roomy upscale casino has three restaurants and over 1,200 slot machines which are now earning purse money for next year’s overnights.