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The National HBPA Convention

May 21, 2012   By Kent H. Stirling   The National HBPA Convention held last January in Hollywood Beach, Florida was a great success as those of you who attended already know, and those of you who could not attend in person certainly were able to discern from reading about it in the last issue of the Horsemen’s Journal.  Great panels were held on, among others, Wagering and Alternative Gaming, Legislative Affairs, Immigration and, of...
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The Lion of Winter Roars Earlier This Year

May 21, 2012   Every year as the self-proclaimed Czar of Winter Simulcasting, I track the wagering dollars per race on the five strongest signals that operate during the winter when Gulfstream is racing.  I have been performing this exercise that probably no one cares about but me since some media types wrote about the continually deteriorating racing taking place at Gulfstream Park.  The year was 2000, and I was curious where the best racing...
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So Exactly How is the World’s Only “Pari-Mutuel Barrel Racing” Facility Doing?

February 17, 2012   This is a follow up to our article in the winter edition of the Horsemen’s Journal about “pari-mutuel barrel racing.”  Since almost every horse track in Florida owns a Quarter Horse Permit, there is great fear by all breeds of Florida horsemen that their respective track will use their Quarter Horse permit to conduct barrel racing and eliminate the rightful horsemen from receiving their fair share of card room revenue and...
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Gulfstream Park Opens in December for the First Time

February 17, 2012   So how did that December date swap between Calder and Gulfstream Park work out for horsemen?  If you recall, essentially to avert a dates war last year, Calder gave up most of December to Gulfstream Park and in return Calder received most of April from Gulfstream.  This period of new dates for Gulfstream began on Saturday, December 3rd and continued to January 4th as Gulfstream opened on January 5th last year. ...
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February 17, 2012   Often you will hear those proponents of banning Lasix state something to the effect that, “Before  we started permitting Lasix on race day our horses were making an average of over 9  starts per year, and now they barely average 6 starts.”  This is true.  In the mid-1970s when Lasix began to be used in America, horses were averaging over 9 starts, and now they are barely above 6 starts per...
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TOBA: “No Lasix for Two Year Old Graded Stakes!”

February 17, 2012   In 1972, European authorities began their Pattern race system whereby the highest quality black-type events were identified.  The Europeans wanted something similar done in North America so the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, TOBA, took on the grading of races in 1973. In 1981, international auction houses, national breeders’ organizations and racing authorities formed the International Cataloguing Standards Committee to achieve uniformity throughout the world, and by doing so they recognized...
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