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Troy Levy

Owner Director

Troy Levy | Owner Director

Troy Levy was elected to the FHBPA Board in 2018. He serves on the Election/Nominating Committee. He was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for Florida TRAC.

Levy first got into racing when his dad took him to Roosevelt Raceway and Belmont Park. He went on to work weekends and summers on the backstretch at Roosevelt and Yonkers Raceway. Levy then began training and driving harness horses before becoming an owner.

Levy’s most memorable moment in racing was driving his first winner Cameocomp at Pompano Park in 1991. Levy is now Managing Partner of Tropical Racing partnership.

Levy’s passion for racing led him to run for the Board. He has invested his livelihood as an owner and wants to firmly commit time and resources in supporting Florida horseracing to become unsurpassed as a leader in the industry. Levy believes in improving, promoting and manifesting in horseracing a product that has accountability, responsibility and professional integrity for its horses, caretakers and management. “My long-term goal for the membership is to be able to race successfully in Florida all year, with the prospect of seeing purse monies increase at a sustainable rate and be part of a program that enjoys growth and prosperity,” said Levy. “A flourishing program during a time of what often appears to be industry contraction is going to require considerable effort on the part of all of us. Success will require intelligent marketing and diligent promotion. We will need to be inventive in creating a self-sustaining product and one independent of outside control, which ultimately will make Florida racing powerful and long-lasting.”

Levy was born in Queens, N.Y. He lives in Deerfield Beach, Fla. with his spouse. He has two children, Miranda and Gavin.

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